A Midshot of The Captain with a Gibson and a Yamaha THR-II.

Yamaha THR-II Preset - The Captain - Vol 1

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This is the first volume in a series of custom made bespoke Andertons patches for the Yamaha THRII Modelling Amplifier.

Each pack contains a number of presets with a range of sounds and tones, which have been meticulously hand crafted by the guitar virtuoso "The Captain", and may feature some of the tones seen on the Andertons YouTube channel. 

*Note this only works on the THR MKII and not the MK1

This Yamaha THR-II Preset Pack includes 6 patches:

  1. 80's Rawk
  2. Ambient Clean
  3. Crazy Lead
  4. Capt Crunch
  5. Hairy Trem
  6. Lil Hair

How To Import Yamaha THR-II Presets 

* Note - using a mobile version of the THR remote app may cause issues uploading the preset to the THR-II amplifier. You may need to use a USB cable and a Mac or PC to upload the preset correctly.

Once you have purchased the preset pack and downloaded the zip file. Extract the folder “The Captain THR2 Pack Vol 1” to a location of your choice.

Download and install the Yamaha THR-II Remote Firmware app from the Yamaha website: https://uk.yamaha.com/en/products/musical_instruments/guitars_basses/amps_accessories/thr-ii/downloads.html

Click the Icon with 3 guitars in the top left corner click “load preset” and select one of the preset from the “The Captain THR2 Pack Vol 1” folder. *Note this will clear your current preset so make sure you save before loading a new one.

After you Have loaded the preset on the THR remote software, Plug in your Yamaha THR-II Amplifier into your Mac or PC and click the icon with 3 guitars, and select “save preset to THR-II Slot…” and choose a free user memory slot to save it to.

Select the user memory slot you saved the preset to on your amplifier and voilà, you now sound like the Captain through your Yamaha THR-II.