A close up of the Gibson ES335 Murphy guitar.

Video Jam and Looper Pack - Gibson ES335 Murphy Jam

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Play along with the Captain's and Danish Pete's jam session featured on the Gibson ES335 Murphy Aged video from the Andertons TV YouTube channel. 

The download file was created using a Boss RC-10 Loopstation and includes: 16-bit, 24-bit, 32-bit WAV audio files, MP3 audio files and a full-length backing track with drums.

Please ensure you use the correct bit rate file for your looper, as using the wrong file will not work and could damage your device!

Download pack includes 4 files:

1. Intro Jam Looper Track - no FX or Drums

2. Intro Full Jam Track - with Drums and Bass

3. Outro Jam Looper Track - no FX or Drums

4. Outro Full Jam Track - with Drums and Bass

This Pack contains a set of audio only backing tracks which feature on the Gibson ES335 Murphey Aged Guitar video on the Andertons TV channel - See video below for more information.