Line 6 Helix Preset - Danish Pete - Blues

Line 6 Helix Preset - Danish Pete - Blues

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*Note This patch is not compatible with the HX Stomp

The Blues preset for the Line 6 Helix by Danish Pete is an all purpose blues patch with a range of good tones from classic to modern blues. Centred around a Bassman on the bright channel the preset offers plenty of gain on tap for soaring lead tones and enough headroom to cover a range of styles. 


*Please ensure your Helix Edit software is up to date, or the patch may not be recognised. 

1. Purchase the Helix Patch and click the download button.

2. Once the patch has downloaded, connect your Helix to your computer or Mac using a USB cable, and open HX Edit.

2. Go to the User setlists.

3. Drag in the "DP Blues Preset.HLX" Helix patch file into a slot in the Preset list.