Line 6 Helix Preset - Danish Pete - Ambient Dream

Line 6 Helix Preset - Danish Pete - Ambient Dream

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The name sums it up. Big ethereal tones which work excellently with swelling the volume control. to create breathing soundscape. Who needs a keys player anyway?

The Ambient Dream line 6 Helix Patch is fully stereo, and is centred around the EHX Deluxe Memory Man and a Fender Twin to offer an ethereal ambient sound

Note* This patch is also compatible with the HX Stomp. 


*Please ensure your Helix Edit software is up to date, or the patch may not be recognised. 

1. Purchase the Helix Patch and click the download button. 

2. Once the patch has downloaded, connect your Helix to your computer or Mac using a USB cable, and open HX Edit.

2. Go to the User setlists.

3. Drag in the "DP AMBIENT DREAM.HLX" Helix patch files into a slot in the Preset list.