Andertons TV Video Jams Vol 3

Andertons TV Video Jams Vol 3

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Download the second Volume from a series of Andertons TV Video Jams. Included is a collection of 4 audio tracks taken from 3 of the Andertons TV YouTube videos which you can download completely for free!  

This download contains a .zip file featuring 4 mp3 audio files from various Andertons TV YouTube videos. The videos in which they are taken from can be found below. 

Included in this pack: 

  1. Hansen Thinline Intro Jam - C - 112bpm.mp3
  2. Hansen Thinline Outro Jam - F#7 - 101bpm.mp3
  3. Heritage Jazz Box Jam - D(Bm) - 52.5bpm (6/8).mp3
  4. Kauer Intro Jam - A 80bpm.mp3

"Hansen T-Style Thinline Guitars - Too Good To Put Down!"

"Heritage Standard Series Jazz Boxes - King of the Archtop Guitars?"

"Custom Spec Guitars Built with the Kauer of Love!"