Free Boss Katana Presets

 Do you own a boss katana amp? Well, you can now download tailored presets created by Andertons TV presenters - like Danish Pete and the Captain!

We’ve sold thousands of BOSS Katana Amps over the years, so we thought it was about time we made some custom Katana presets available for you to enjoy! We’re good to you at Andertons aren’t we?

From our very own Danish Pete’s favourite blues sounds to Captain Anderton’s looper vibe, we’re adding to these all the time! 

 On this page, you’ll find instructions on how to download and install the BOSS Tone Studio, as well as information on how to add downloadable sounds and presets to your own Katana amp using this software. 

What Are BOSS Katana Amp Patches?

A 'preset' or ‘patch’ is basically a combination of amp parameters that is saved and stored on your Katana amp. It essentially captures your favourite amp type, EQ settings and effects so that it can be recalled at any time!

But you’re not limited to just the settings that you’ve come up with. That’s because Katana amp patches can be uploaded and downloaded via the BOSS Tone Studio software. Simply connect your amp via USB and load in unique presets made by others. It’s a super-speedy way to get awesome settings on your amp!

For example, you may want to load up with the best Katana sounds for metal. Or better yet, you might wish to load Danish Pete’s favourite sounds straight onto your Katana! A great place to start before tweaking your own distinctive sounds.

What Is BOSS Tone Studio?

BOSS Tone Studio is a free piece of software that enables you to download, organise, customise and store awesome Katana settings. In addition to settings, you can also play with Katana’s selection of on-board effects and customise them to your heart’s content. This is great if you want that extra little bit of control.

The software also gives you a convenient way to organise and configure all of your Katana setups for different gigs, recordings and practice sessions. This amp just gets better!

Installing BOSS Tone Central

From the BOSS website, you’ll need to find the relevant download for both your device and your BOSS product. They have a pretty good set of instructions here.

Browse our range of downloadable presets for the Boss Katana Modelling Amplifier below! Each preset has been meticulously hand crafted by the guitar Gurus at Andertons, who have put in the time to tweak and perfect each tone, so that you don't have to. 

Each patch pack offers a range of  available tones so you can get straight to playing without having to worry about your tone. 

Here’s how to get them straight on to your Katana:

Simply click on one of our Katana Presets, lovingly put together by the team here at Andertons, and hit the download button.

A .zip file will automatically start to download that contains your patch files.
Double-click the folder so unzip the files. You should have a .TSL file saved.
In the BOSS Tone Central software, ensure that your amp is connected and head to the librarian section.

You’ll see an ‘Import’ button on the top row. Click this and select your unzipped .tsl file that you’ve just downloaded.
You’ll see the new patches, now available to load onto your Katana. Simply drag and drop to the corresponding channel and you’re good to go!

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